Soil Testing Project

The objective is simple: to bring about increased properity in farming communities by helping farmers to boost their productivity and crop quality.


India’s farmers are among the most financially burdened in the world, with some of the lowest per hectare yields caused partly by soil depletion. Prime Minister Modi stated in a speech (citation) that the average farmer with 1.2 hectares of land, could save 50000 rupees ($805) per year, just by learning to apply nutrients to their soil more efficiently.

State-run soil testing programs are often overburdened and/or beyond the geographic reach of needy farmers.

The scope of our work

Willowood has deployed a fleet of vans which take free soil testing kits directly to farmers across India.

Our mobile clinical vans provide on-site soil testing kits for farmers, upon demand. Soil is tested for important parameters, including: PH, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and Sulphur. Experts then evaluate the results and show farmers how to correct deficiencies and replenish the fertility of their soil, through fertilizers and

Impact thus far

*Figures are taken as of Nov 2017, for Uttar Pradesh Punjab, Haryana, Madhyapradesh,Telengana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.