Paryavaran (Agroforestry) Project


Deforestation for the creation of farm land is damaging both to air quality and to soil health in the long term. In turn, eroded soil leads to lower productivity. Our objective to promote afforestation and the benefits of sustainable agricultural practices among Indian farmers, while teaching them plantation techniques that will help them to combat soil depletion and improve the productivity of their land.

The scope of our work

Willowood’s new Paryavaran program helps farmers to plant model plants such as Jackfruit, Pomegranate, Teak, Lemon, Guava and Sheesham (Dalbergia Sissoo) on their land, while teaching them about the long term benefits of these plants for soil health.

Impact thus for

Thus far, from 2016-17, “Paryavaran” has helped 150 farmers to plant 1260 plants across villages in 8 states.