EHS Policy

Our Pledge to The Environment

We are committed to conducting our business activities such that they comply with all applicable environmental regulations. As an organization, we are also committed to doing everything that is reasonably within our power to minimize negative impact on the environment.

To this end, we pledge to periodically review the environmental footprint of our business activities, in a methodical and transparent manner, to encourage a culture of accountability and continual improvement.

Our Pledge to Our Employees

We pledge to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and contracted workers. This includes providing them with a clean, comfortable workspace and, where applicable, safety gear and safety training, in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry practices. Our goal is 100% prevention of illness and injury in the workplace.

We pledge to keep in place, an accessible system for employees to report health and safety violations, should they occur, so that they can be addressed appropriately at the supervisor or management level.