Willowood Care


Poor sanitation, particularly in areas such as food, water and waste disposal, is the primary cause of preventable diseases in rural India. In fact, McKinsey & Company reports that rural areas have a 70% higher incidence of communicable diseases than the rest of India.

Preventable illnesses cause trillions of rupees in loss of farm productivity each year.


The scope of our project

Willowood has begun recently introduced a program that provides free checkups and health awareness camps to poor, rural communities via mobile vans.

Routine health checkups include diagnosis and, wherever possible, essential medication for common illnesses. Critical cases are diagnosed and referred to medical practitioners.

Health awareness camps teach important sanitation and disease prevention methods to men, women, children and elders in the community.

Impact thus far

“We Care” is a new initiative and data on its outreach will become available after it has been operational for some months.